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The company Clivanexport – STEFANOU LTD has been developing its activities both within the Greek (Hellenic) market and abroad for over 54 years having gained a great expertise in small industrial and industrial Bakery and Confectionery.


Establishment of the company in rented premises within the city of Volos, in the area of ​​Palaion Volos, with an area of ​​120 sq. M., In the field of mechanical works – works and the construction of the first Kneading mill and the first roll bakeries.


In the same facilities, the first puff machine (puff pastry machine) and the first sliced ​​bread machine (toaster).


Relocation to another larger area, 500 square meters, in rented facilities, in the Neapolis area of ​​Volos.


Purchase of modern equipment for the time, such as strands, scissors, lathe, for the purpose of building ovens.


Construction of the first Cyclothermal furnace and the first plastic machine.


Participation for the first time at the (40th) Thessaloniki International Fair – TIF. Since then the company participated every year until 19 …. (65th Exhibition), when the sectoral bakery exhibitions to which he has participated so far have been created.


Construction of the first Greek Weighing Machine (weighing machine and dough cutting). Due to the fact that it was made from the outset for the data of the Greek artisan bakery, its demand was very high and it cost the company.


The construction of the privately owned factory in the 1st Industrial Area of ​​Volos began, initially on a plot of 6,000 sq.m. with first 2.500 sq. m.


Relocation from the old to the new facilities and the supply of mechanical equipment with the most modern mechanical equipment of the time.


Construction of the first rotary kiln-air heater and the first swing-tables.


Construction of the first Electric Switchboard.


We started equipping the Greek Army with ovens and machines (Kneading Machines, Plastic Machines, etc.). In most military units we installed modern bakeries.


Following this very successful process, the Hellenic Army commissioned us to build the first tunnel furnace, continuous production of bread in forms and great productivity, which we installed at the 791 TEP in Goudi, which operates and produces continuously until today.


After three years, we also built the second bakery that we installed in the new facilities of the military bakeries in Menidi.


Expansion of our facilities by acquisition of a neighboring plot, with a total surface area of ​​9,000 sq.m.


We took part for the first time in the largest exhibition in the world “IBA” which was held in Berlin. We were the first Greek company in the industry to take part in the exhibition and for the first time the Greek flag was raised among the other countries that…


We took part in the second IBA 1995 in Düsseldorf.


We took part in the third IBA 1998 in Munich, gradually starting exports to many countries.


With the presence at the foreign exporter, the exporters gradually started their production.


Attachment of a neighboring plot of 1500sq.m. in AVE Volos, with a total area of ​​10,500 sq.m.


Modernization of the machine factory with CNC lathes and factory precision machinery, which helped us to expand our range of new oven and machine construction for modern bakeries.


Purchase of a new automatic CNC machine for the production of parts and modernization of the rolling mill by the purchase of, inter alia, an automatic feeding machine.


Manufacture of hybrid circular ovens, with 1 or 2 electric floors.


On September 5th, the first generation after 45 years of glamorous career gave the baton to the second generation.


Construction of many new models of electric furnaces, with smaller dimensions and choice from 1 to 5 independent floors.


On 16/02/2018, 50 years have elapsed since the signing of the memorandum and articles of incorporation (16/02/1968).

The Beginning
Clivanexport – STEFANOU LTD originates from a small company established in 1968 in Volos by two partners Messer’s Alexander Karakitis and Stefanou Apostolos and later Mr. Andreas Stefanou. Its working abject was related to machinery manufacture for Bakery Confectionary.
in the domestic and international market

54 years


6500 m2

The company developed quickly, widening its products with new types of furnaces and machinery and within a period 10 years the company was relocated in the A’ Industrial Area of Volos in a privately owned industrial plant with modern mechanical and technical equipment. After continuous expansions, the plant covers now a roofed area of 6500 m² within a building site of 12.000 m².

Today, the second generation John and Giannis Stefanou run the company.

The Machinery
The machinery manufactured by Clivanexport – STEFANOU LTD are furnaces of all types, like cyclothermical – Rotary – steam tube – electrical and industrial (tunnel), as well as machinery such as spiral mixers, dough cutting and shaping machines, pre-fermentation chambers, refrigerators, water coolers et al and during last years, the company has been cooperating with Europe well-Know companies abroad for the promotion of certain machinery.
technical support

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Quality Management System
A few years ago, the company has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015, witch ensuring the quality of its products and together with the high technology and the fully trained personnel guarantee, efficiency and credibility of the machinery that the company turns over the market.