(SM-40, SM-80, SM-120, SM-200, SM-300)

This mixing and kneading machine prepares dough for a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. It is ideal alternative to the manual dough extraction system of traditional mixers, saving time and hard work and eliminating the need of further processing the dough through a cylinder.

Two-step operation, mixing and kneading, on two gears of the spiral. Mixing of dough ingredients (first gear, 100rpm) usually takes between 3 and 5 minutes, while kneading (second gear, 200rpm) is normally complete in 6 to 8 minutes. The exact relative position of the blade and spiral, as well as the ratio of rotation speed of the bowl and the spiral, are both the result of careful design and precision tests that ensure well-aired homogeneous mixing of ingredients and optimum dough volume, quality, suppleness and consistency. Finally, the bowl can rotate to the right or to the left at the user’s will, by pressing the relevant control button.
Technical description
The automatic spiral mixers are manufactured with materials of excellent quality in accordance to EEC specifications (89/392/CEE).
  • Machine frame made of 6mm-thick steel
  • Bowl (is manufactured via forming process without weldments, to ensure best possible rotation precision and durability), spiral and blade made of stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Protection (accident prevention) frame over the bowl, made of stainless steel Aisi 304, linked to a micro-switch, witch immediately stops operation upon frame lifting
  • Noiseless motion transmission through Vee-belts
  • Easily moved on site on its castor wheels
Control system
Electromechanical control system, witch includes:
  • Automatic operation on two timers for mixing and kneading
  • Manual selection of spiral speed and of the direction of bowl rotation
  • Switch for rotating the bowl on both directions, even if the protection frame is lifted, in order to easily discharge the dough and easily clean the bowl
  • A complete electrical board is incorporated in the machine