The production of high quality bakery products requires proper and constant dough temperature, not exceeding 28°C. To achieve this goal, the constant temperature of water and flour, is an important factor in producing quality products.
Clivanexport, in an effort to cover all the needs of the modern baker, proceeded to build its own water dosing mixer that has the ability to connect with a water cooler, a water heater and the water supply network in order to cover the entire range of temperatures, from the water cooler’s nominal temperature to the nominal temperature of the water heater, setting also the required amount of water. This device can fully cover the needs of a small bakery as well as a baking industry.

The water dosing mixer is equipped with
  • All necessary means of preventing accidents as required by existing directives, such as low voltage controller.
  • Full electric board sufficiently protected and isolated from the shell of the machine.
  • Particulate filters.
How water temperature affects bread The role of water temperature in the preparation of the dough is very important because the temperature of the dough at the end of mixing should not exceed 28°C.
Technical characteristics
  • The design concept of the water mixer is innovative and based on automatic mixing of cold – hot and main supply water without a mixing valve. The three-way valves should be in a relative position.
  • It operates with the the main supply water pressure, so a water pump is not required if the location of the water mixer is lower than the spiral mixer.
  • It has an automatic electronic dispenser (water dosing counter), at which the operator can set the exact quantity of water required (in liters) for the production of the dough.
  • An audible warning signal alerts when the mixing water temperature is different than desired.
  • Manual operation.