Within their field of application the Cyclothermic ovens, model M, meet any working requirements. This model has been specially designed to ensure quick and economical performance. It bakes bread by using wet, stabilised and homogeneous heat. These ovens are used in the bakery and confectionery industry owing to the baking system adopted. The baking is carried out on fixed bedplates (baking tiles) offering the best result for small and large sized bread as well as any other similar products. Also this model offers the advantage of a multiple steam injection system, which is suitable to many different types of products.

The oven consists of
OVEN FRONT: made of stainless steel, it is composed of 2 columns, a switchboard, a hood and 4 stainless steel doors. BAKING CHAMBER: equipped with fixed bedplates (baking tiles) specially designed for contact with food according to norm DL 108 of 25/1/92. The air circulation is uniformly distributed along the fixed bedplates. The lighting gives a good vision of the product. EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL HOOD: big size hoods, made of stainless steel and equipped with steam exhauster able to satisfy high requirements. STEAM GENERATOR: One steam generator for each baking chamber and one optional for the Prover with large steam capacity. Steam is produced automatically and is governed by the control panel by means solenoid valves. COMBUSTION CHAMBER: consisting of:
  • Heat resistance steel pre-arranged for operation with a gas-oil, natural gas or LPG burner.
  • Large surfaces smoke stack to give optimum thermal efficiency.
COVERING: made of stainless steel sheets. The long fiber rock wool mattress insulation guarantees a minimum loss of heat. CONTROL BOX AND ELECTRIC SYSTEM: it consists of a control panel placed on the left column of the oven front and of a power board housing the various electrical equipment, which is mounted at choice on one oven side according to the oven installation requirements.  
Technical specification
  • Frame: Mild Steel 2mm in thickness.
  • Combustion chamber: Refractory steel 3mm in thickness.
  • Body work: Front part – stainless steel Aisi-304 satiny.
  • Side part – stainless steel Aisi-430 satiny.
  • Recycling unit : Centrifugal turbine driven by 3 HP electric motor.
  • Thermal insulation: Rock wool from 20-30 cm thick.
  • Gas or oil burner is fitted at the back of the oven.
  • Steam generator by means of steel tubes (one for each deck).
  • Electronic thermostat and baking timer with sound signal.
  • Safety mechanical thermostat.
  • Safety limit switch to the chimney damper allows the burner ignition only when the damper is open.
  • Knauf insulation wool for maximum power saving.
  • Automatic chimney damper for minimizing heat losses and fuel consumption.


Floor dimensions
Baking surface