Normally the baker has to bake his products immediately after rising. This means that the dough has to be prepared at night and baked very early in the morning. In order to avoid high wage-costs and irregular working hours, it is desirable to prepare the dough a day before and interrupt or delay the fermentation process. The Fermentation Interrupter / Retarder Cycle enables a controllable dough proving, without affecting the quality of the final product – on the contrary, it allows saving of sleeping hours by reducing the amount of night work, by shortening the time required to start the daily routine of the bakery and by giving the possibility to produce fresh bread throughout the working day.


The Fermentation Interrupter / Retarder Chamber is an air-conditioned chamber, in which the kneaded pieces of dough -after having being placed in trays, tins or frames, enter to the chamber under appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity, according to the diagram below.

Inside the Fermentation Interrupter / Retarder Chamber, there should be present such conditions that:

  • Initially, the fermentation process will be interrupted, and the dough will be cooled down to a temperature at which it cannot be affected by the yeast.
  • Subsequently, the fermentation process will be retarded, preventing sudden variations of temperature, which could affect the quality of the final product.
  • Then, the Proving process will take place, according to pre-defined conditions of temperature and humidity, depending on the product.
  • Finally, the product will be ready at the desired time.

For such a process, it is essential to accurately control all the parameters, which contribute to high and stable quality of the products, such as temperature (cooling, heating), humidity and time. Consequently, a microcomputer is required for this specific task since it simplifies data input, it is flexible over any data changes and, above all, it is capable of maintaining a stable product quality. The Clivanexport’s microcomputer has all the aforementioned features and it is easy to use, which means it can be easily programmed and operated.