The intermediate prover complements the Volumetric Divider to which it can be linked. The separation of dough pieces by the Volumetric Divider and their rounding by the Conical rounder puts the dough under mechanical stress. It is necessary, therefore, to let the dough pieces rest for a short period. This is precisely what the Pre-fermentation chamber does: it receives the dough pieces from the Conical Rounder or from the Conveyor Belt of the Divider and gives them time to recover from the mechanical procedure of division. In this way, the quality of the dough is improved greatly, ensuring greater final volume, manageability, and better final shaping. The recovery (delay) time depends on the type of dough and the productivity (pieces per hour) of the Divider, and can be between 8 and 15 minutes. After the elapse of the recovery time, the Pre-fermentation chamber discharges the dough pieces at a velocity, which can be adjusted as suitable.


Technical Characteristics

  • Two types of Pre-fermentation chamber are available, which are characterized by the number of useful rows and buckets for the dough pieces. Type PS-166/249 has 83 useful rows, while the useful buckets can be 249 (3 buckets in a row) and 166 (2 buckets in a row). Type PS-92/138 has 46 useful rows, while the useful buckets can be 138 (3 buckets in a row) and 92 (2 buckets in a row). The option for the number of useful buckets in each Prover type is given by the fact that the operator can use only the two of the three buckets in each row at will, provided that the production rate of the Divider is about 900 pieces per hour (15 pieces per minute).
  • The Pre-fermentation chamber can receive dough pieces of 90-1200 gr. in weight.
  • Piece counter with the ability to stop the dough divider.
  • Adjustable discharge speed.
  • Sterilizing light source (germ-killing lamp).
  • Mechanism that stops the machine automatically when the chain is jammed.
  • Electrical panel
  • Frame made of 30x2mm square steel tube.
  • Big transparent windows, made of Plexiglas.
  • Buckets lined with felt fabric.
  • The Pre-fermentation chamber is covered with stainless steel panels.