Operating temperature +20 / +42 ºC

This is an air-controlled chamber that regulates the fermentation of the dough, during which complete assimilation of the ingredients of flour and the other dough components is obtained. The dough-proving chamber is an essential tool for bread making.

The kneaded pieces of dough, after being placed in trays, tins or frames, enter the proving chamber, where appropriate and controllable conditions of temperature and humidity exist. Heating enables the acceleration of the fermentation (proving) process. The ideal temperature inside the chamber room is specified to be 32°C – 35°C and depends upon the temperature of the incoming dough. The humidity inside the chamber is regulated accorded to the type of dough. Inside the fermentation (proving) chamber relatively high air humidity should be present; however this must not result in the formation of water droplets. The pieces of dough should be moistened just as much as required in order to maintain a sufficient elasticity on their surface, without the surface formation of “skin”. The technology integrated in the fermentation (proving) chamber allows accurate adjustments of the conditions inside the chamber.
Technical specifications
The fermentation (proving) chamber includes:
  • The chamber, consisting of pre-fabricated polyurethane panels of 40 mm thickness and 40 kg/m3 density, inter-linked by means of a stainless steel framework that permits easy assembling – disassembling. Internally and externally, the walls and the roof of the chamber are made of Aisi 304 stainless steel. The door is also made of stainless steel, with an opening of 800 & 930 mm and a height of 1910 mm. Such chambers are manufactured without a deck, unless otherwise specified and only upon special request.
  • The heating unit is made of stainless steel and featuring a 4 kW heating element (electric resistor).
  • The hot air circulator, is made of stainless steel and featuring a centrifugal fan and a low air supply motor. The air circulation is obtained by means of stainless steel air ducts and inlets.
  • The steam generator, with a steam output of about 3 kg/h, made of stainless steel and featuring a 2,5 kW heating element (electric resistor) and an automatic water-filling floater.
Control basic equipment. It comprises:
  • Circulation activation switch.
  • Electronic thermostat 0 – 60 ºC.
  • Chamber lighting switch.
  • Steam generator switch with humidity controller.
Optional equipment
Electronic control. It comprises:
  • Chamber temperature display.
  • Chamber humidity display.
  • Programmable task completion time with audible warning.
Electrode humidifier 8 kg/h. It operates with submerged electrodes in a water tank where, under voltage, it is possible to create current flow. In this way, water reaches its boiling point and produce steam. In this case the control of the quantity of steam produced is more accurate than the humidifier with electrical resistors.