Automatic division of dough into pieces of equal volume and weight. It can receive dough manually or from the automatic spiral mixer-lifting (tilting) device. The Volumetric Divider can co-operate with Moulders (PL-50 or PL-504) or intermediate provers by way of the conveyor belt (AZ-1 / AZ-2) or conical rounders (CR-51).

  This machine is used for the automatic volumetric division of every type of dough into pieces of equal weight. It can receive dough manually or from the automatic spiral mixer-lifting device. The Volumetric Divider can co-operate with the Moulder, by way of the Conveyor Belt, (AZ-1). Also it can co-operate perfectly with a complete production line including: Spiral mixer, Spiral mixer Tilting device, Dough divider, Conical rounder or Conveyor belt, Intermediate Prover and Moulder. The operation of the machine is based upon the most common method of dividing the dough to equal pieces in volume, and therefore in weight by means of two pistons, the Main (propulsion) Piston in the Main Chamber and the Metric Piston in the Metric Chamber. The operating principle of the volumetric dough divider is as follows:
  1. The dough is loaded into the loading hopper by lifting the protection guard.
  2. Then is passing through the Inlet Funnel and from there into the Dough Chamber.
  3. The Main Piston moves part of the dough into the Volumetric Chamber while the Cutting Blade separates it from the bulk of dough in the Dough Chamber. The volumetric (equal weight) dividing of dough is achieved by a linear displacement of the Metric Piston into the Metric Chamber. Following that, the Metric Chamber descends and the Metric Piston pushes the dough pieces horizontally to the discharge conveyor belt.
  4.  The dough capacity of the Metric Chamber is adjustable on the Metric Piston according to the size (weight) of dough pieces desired. The adjustment of the Metric Piston is made by way of a hand wheel in the upper frontal part of the machine. The Single Metric Piston can give dough pieces of 90-1400 gr in weight. In order to obtain dough pieces of less than 100 gr in weight, a Double Metric Piston is required. The Double Metric Piston is provided as a spare part on demand. The Single Metric Piston can be replaced with a Double Metric Piston easily and fast by the operator when needed.
A six-cylinder pump lubricates automatically the six most important parts of the cutting mechanism with paraffin oil, ensuring smooth operation.
Standard equipment
  • Metric piston of hourly production capacity of 900 pieces of 80-1400g weight.
  • Stainless steel loading hopper with 65 kg dough capacity with a safety mechanism, especially designed for not blocking the feed of dough and at the same time with the ability to stop the machine if anyone, for any reason, touches the hopper.
  • Conveyor belt of 3mm thickness for delivery of dough pieces. It has independent motion and time delay (it continues to operate for a few seconds after the machine stops, in order to secure that the final pieces come out).
  • Six (6) pistons automatic oil pump.
  • Oil recycling unit.
  • Stainless steel Cutting Blade.
  • Frame made of mild steel, St-37, of 10mm thickness.
  • Stainless steel external panels.
  • Complete electrical board adequately protected and insulated from the machine casing.
  • Clutch-type safety mechanism which isolates the motor in the event that a foreign body is engaged into the machine.
  • Accident-prevention protection.
  • Castor wheels for ease of movement.
Optional equipment
  • Double metric piston for the production of dough pieces of 30-100g, with an hourly capacity of 1800 pieces.
  • Stainless steel loading hopper of 200kg dough capacity.
  • Vario-gear motor (inverter) 50-100 RPM. for production capabillity of 700 – 1300pcs/h (or 1400 – 2600pcs/h with the double metric piston).
  • Piece counter.